Contract manufacturing of REA

       The operating enterprise for the production of electrical products offers:

• complete set of your products with electro-radio components according to custom specifications from domestic and foreign manufacturers
• production of printed circuit boards according to design documentation.
• installation of electrical and radio components on printed circuit boards, inter-Board and inter-block wired connections.
• manufacture of cable assemblies, including HF, binding bundles.
• performance of fitting and Assembly operations.
• casting of blocks and modules of the compounds.
• adjustment and regulation of units and the device as a whole.
• performance testing in a testing laboratory equipped with a full range of measuring instruments.

       Quality control:

• Multi-level quality control of products, performed at each stage of production, allowing to eliminate hidden defects.
• Testing of products with selective control.

       Thus, we perform the entire cycle of technological operations from the receipt of design
documentation from the customer to the finished product in a short time and of high quality.

     Samples of contract manufacturing products: