DC power supplies B5-71KIP

  Number in the State Register of Measuring Instruments  53172-13 


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Sphere of application

«Б5-71КИП» is a laboratory DC power supply unit, which is used for power supply of electronic or electro technical devices with specified characteristic. It supply the load with stabilized voltage, stabilized current or limited power.

It can be used in the production and repair of electronic equipment of various purposes, at the scientific and experimental studies in laboratory and workshop conditions. In addition, the power supply can be used for verification of measuring instruments and equipment. Acceptable parallel or series circuit of duplicate devices, but in the case of series circuit it is possible to use maximum 5 devices

*Electively, this power supply unit can be equipped with RS-232 port, which allows to communicate with PC.


A laboratory DC power supply unit «Б5-71-КИП» is a device made from up-to-date electronic components. It use an inverter circuit in the beginning for high efficiency and parametric voltage regulator in the end for precision regulation and very small noises. The result is next parameters:

Very small Output voltage ripple with most palatable efficiency

Fast control speed and precision set-on accuracy, inaccessible in legacy technology of old-fashioned laboratory DC power supply units, include foreign producers.

Rich in contrast LCD display with acceptable backlit and encoder provide friendly user interface, which refines operating conveniences with this power unit.

High-stable internal reference voltage source and precision ADC provide long-time output stability even with discontinuous load.

In this section you can find frequently asked questions on the power supply B5-71КИП and answers to them. And also send your question about the device to technical support.


Лабороторный источник питания Б5 71 КИП