Frequently Asked Questions about «Б5-71 КИП»

 What is a mode of constant-current regulation?

.If necessary that current of a load has been limited, you should set up the maximum permissible current. When the current of a load comes to the setup limit, output voltage starts decrease in support of constant-current of load. An indicator «Стаб.тока» is switched on, it means that mode of constant-current regulation is active. The constant current mode is used for selection and calibration of instrument shunt resistors, measurement of low-ohmic resistor smaller than 0.1 ohm. It can be used for limitation of a batteries charging current etc. Do not set too high voltage on output if you work with low-ohmic load because in any time of load connection the internal capacities will be fast discharged by this load what could destroy (partially melt) output terminal screws. First connect the load then increase the output voltage till current limit starts.

What will happen with «Б5-71КИП» in event of output short circuit?

In event of output short circuit after output voltage availability, the internal capacities are fast discharged by short circuit current what could destroy (partially melt) output terminal screws then power unit change to a constant current mode. The short circuit does not result of any internal circuit defects. There is no time limit for this situation.

What will happen if output terminals are connected to external reverse voltage?

There is a suppressor diode in protecting of external reverse voltage, which is not allowed to drop the output voltage below -0.5B. This suppressor diode protects internal circuits from destruction in the case of reverse voltage connection. Impermissible to energize the output of device by reverse voltage during a long-

What kind of technology is used «Б5-71КИП». Is it an investor’s type or parametric type of power supply equipment?

This unit is made of hybrid technology. «Б5-71КИП» uses an inverter circuit in the beginning for high efficiency and parametric voltage regulator in the end for precision regulation and very small noises. It has advances both of technologies such as very small output voltage ripple with most palatable efficiency, Fast control speed and precision set-on accuracy.

High-stable internal reference voltage source and precision ADC provide long-time output stability even with discontinuous load.

This unit has good weight-and-dimensional characteristics (big power with small size)

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