Frequently Asked Questions about megaohmmeter Е6-40

 Is it acceptable to connect megaohmmetr to to testing subject with any presence external voltage?


Existence of external voltage is monitoring permanently and independently
from selected measuring mode but it should be less than 1kV. In the presence of external voltage on measuring terminals, voltage value is flashing on display if voltage value is over a range of 40….600V. If the presence external voltage on measuring terminals more than 40V, resistance measuring is not possible. . If the presence external voltage on measuring terminals more than 600V, it is not possible to measure voltage value, only maximum possible value 600V will be flashing on the display. If the presence external voltage on measuring terminals less than 40V, the measurements are possible.

 During the measurement of polarization index we have no time to take the reading of output value, the device switched off by self- active after finish of measurement. How can we get output value of polarization index?


When the megaohmmeter is switshed on, you can make a long push of mode selection button "Реж." (More than 3 sec.) to get last result of a measurement.

 At-times we should test multiple conductor cable. Measurement of each conductor takes about 20 sec. How can we speed up the process of measurement?


There is manual mode «ручной режим» in E6-40 (lock at p2.3.12 of manual). In manual mode one measurement takes about 4 sec (it is depend from properties of test object). Displayed value of resistance smoothly converges to real value. You can estimate the rough value of resistance. If this value is much more than acceptable value you can finish the measurement.

For example, acceptable resistance of insulation is no fewer than 20 Mom. During the measurement the displayed value is 100Mom and it is growing up, If it is enough for you, you can note that insulation resistance is bigger than acceptable 20 Mom.

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