Handy, easy-to-use front control panel of megohmmeter.

     All specified operating conditions considered, designers used in E6-40 LED letter-digital indicator, high impact property with protection class IP-67 and special electric circuits that warrants retaining of metrological characteristic until -30C.


   Hard image letter-digital indicator allows seeing plainly indications on a panel with wide view angle even in low light conditions. LED indicators provides possibility work with the display at very low temperature (on to -40C).

      Megohmmeter has handy, easy-to-use front control panel equipped with 3 large buttons. Buttons have very good sense of touch, which allows work with gloved hands. The buttons of control panel can be felled much better than touch-sensitive buttons or fulminate buttons. It is very comfortable if you make meusurements outdoors in winter.

     The device has a protection from accidental measuring start that considerable improves a comfort of operation with megohmmeter. To start measuring it is necessary to use a long push but only during the certain time (not too short, not too long).



     Front panel control

1 sealing mark
2 –Socket “+” is assigned for connection to testing subject of electropositive potential
3 – Socket "Э" is assigned for connection to testing subject of screening potential;
4 – Socket "-" is assigned for connection to testing subject of electronegative potential;
5 – plug connection MiniUSB is assigned for connection of battery charging set, during the battery charge measuring is not working;
6 – letter-digital indicator;
7 – push-button measurement "Изм.";
8 – push-button voltage setting "Уст. U";
9 – push-button mode selection "Реж.";