Large-capacity and small size of lithium iron phosphate battery has next off goodness:

1. Very small battery local action allows keeping megaohmmeter on a single charge all the year and does not degrade the battery (if the storage condition is observed). The normal conditions is assigned with GOST 22261
2. All-weather capability- range of operating temperatures from -30C to +50C.
3. Long-life performance (up to 15 years) that is few times more than led-acid or lithium-ion battery have, its chemistry offers a longer cycle life than other lithium-ion approaches.
4. Its excellent thermal stability, Low temperature does not change an operating time of the battery.

5. The Lithium iron phosphate battery has a good fire explosion safety (it has no trend to self-ignite or self-destruction).
6. The battery does not need any special post-consumer recycling.