Technical characteristics of laboratory power supply unit «Б5-71 КИП»


  • The DC power supply unit provides a stable DC voltage from 0.01 to 50 V increments of 10 mV and current from 0.01 to 10 And increments of 10 mA, the maximum output power is automatically limited to a value not more than 300 Watts.
  • This DC power supply unit is a portable device with a plastic desktop case rated at continuous-time service.

*Electively, this power supply unit can be equipped with RS-232 port, which allows to communicate with PC.

The mass and boundary dimensions of device:
Overall dimensions of power source (width x depth x height) are not more than 140х220х70 mm.

Mass of power source without packaging is no more than 1.5 kg.
Overall dimensions of power source in transport packaging are no more than 200х260х90mm.
The mass of the power supply in the package is not more than 2.0 kg.